Sep 252011

These are not the official demands of the Occupy movement. As a group, OWS has yet to issue any, or reach a consensus if demands would be appropriate. However, I came across a site called Coup Media Group and more specifically a page entitled Revolutionary Human Media. The text says it was posted by Anonymous, [Read More…]

Sep 122011
Immigration Debate

There has been a lot of talk about immigration and undocumented immigrants in particular. People often are very passionate about this issue and it seems that they come down strongly on one side or the other, either a welcoming attitude or the reverse. Our nation’s policies of late have been very intense. Secure Communities (ICE) [Read More…]

The Jobs Act

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Sep 092011
The Jobs Act

I have become increasingly skeptical of the US political process and President Obama. That being said, my take on his recent jobs speech and the American Jobs Act is one of highly guarded slight optimism. I question including cuts to fund it but recognize that to propose anything else diminishes it from its already small [Read More…]

Sep 062011
Vandana Shiva: Understanding the Corporate Takeover

Vandana Shiva is a remarkable individual. She is so articulate about the problems caused by the corporate takeover around the world that the issues become clear. In this video she talks with Laura Flanders of Grit TV about a range of issues such as Monsanto’s despicable activities that result in the loss of biodiversity of [Read More…]