Dec 302011

Our two party system does not allow much of a choice. Corporatists all. How could it be otherwise, the money required to out compete a status quo candidate is an insurmountable obstacle (the last I read, 94% of winning candidates spent the most). It is predicted that each presidential candidate will spend around $1 billion [Read More…]

Dec 232011

In a DemocracyNow! interview with Daniel Ellsberg (whistleblower of the Pentagon Papers), of Bradley Manning he said, "He’s been effectively punished now, ten-and-a-half months in Quantico in isolation, a kind of torture, according to the U.N. standards and to our own domestic law, that he couldn’t be sentenced to under our amendment to the Bill [Read More…]

Dec 222011
Do Private Military Contractors Have Impunity to Torture?

By Laura Raymond Advocacy Program Manager at the Center for Constitutional Rights. Cross posted from Firedoglake.   Unbelievably, in 2011 this question has not yet been settled in the courts of the United States. Human rights attorneys are headed back to court in the coming month to argue that, yes, victims of war crimes and [Read More…]

Dec 162011

If the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is signed into law it will codify something that for the most part, we have been doing already: select anyone, anywhere in the world, who by a simple decree by the president would be identified as a terrorist. Once done, that person would be subject to indefinite detention [Read More…]

Dec 152011
Bradley Manning Update

Bradley Manning has been in custody since May 2010. The first ten of those months in solitary confinement, often naked. Most people, having watched only Hollywood’s depiction of torture might not realize the significance of this treatment. The reality is that lack of human interaction, combined with harsh surroundings, uncertainty of how long it could [Read More…]

Dec 042011

People who are emotionally invested in the current system, believing in the mainstream media (MSM) to tell the truth can make it hard to explain the point of the Occupy movement. The MSM has perpetrated many untruths about the OWS crowd. My mom and I have agreed to disagree and rarely discuss politics. However, the [Read More…]