War Crimes

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Feb 262012

Remembering the Context of War Crimes: The Crime of War Itself By Camillo “Mac” Bica, posted at TruthOut.  One would think that, by now, America would have made the connection between war and atrocity. Or, are we too obsessed with our consumer-driven lifestyles, or too apathetic to even pay attention? Or perhaps we believe the [Read More…]

Feb 072012

In 2001, President Bush proposed his tax cuts saying that they would pay for themselves based on the discredited theory of supply side/trickle down economics. Well, it didn’t work (again). According to the Congressional Budget Office, from 2002 through 2011 the tax cuts were directly responsible for adding over $2 trillion to the deficit. Representative [Read More…]

Feb 012012
Winning Hearts & Minds?

We have all heard the euphemism “collateral damage.” To spin the carnage in this way makes the reality of dead women and children more abstract and hence more palatable to the American public. It becomes easier to avoid the fact that in the two acknowledged mideast wars, many more civilians are dead than enemy combatants. [Read More…]