Mar 302012
America In A Nutshell

This is my response to an email I received, purported to be a letter from a black American and member of the Tea Party. It expounded all the Tea Party rhetoric about Obama trying to destroy America by taking away our freedom via the Affordable Healthcare Act. My email was quite a rant and I [Read More…]

Mar 262012
The JOBS Act: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

The recent Republican bill, the so-called JOBS Act is meant to create confusion and mislead the American people. Similar to other bills with names that are intended to trick people such as the Bush2 initiative called Clear Skies. Clear Skies, if it had been enacted would have had dire consequences on the environment. Another example [Read More…]

Mar 232012

In this video interview on Democracy Now, Eve Ensler reads her piece: Over It. Ms Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues has done much to advance woman's issues. She's involved with The City Of Joy in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is currently working/promoting a project called One Billion Rising. The number one billion [Read More…]

Mar 042012

Most social conventions are fine but some are destructive or at least misplaced. For instance, there is a popular belief and a social taboo against speaking ill of the dead. In general to do so is unnecessary as it can cause the family of the deceased some additional pain. Even if your Uncle Max was [Read More…]