Apr 252012
MLK Jr: His Most Courageous Speech

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has been quoted countless times and has become a nearly sainted icon around the world. Not without good reason. However, few remember (or care to remember) that from April, 1967 until his death he was demonized, called a communist by the New York Times. 55% of blacks and 72% of [Read More…]

Apr 142012

Some of you may not be aware of a report by Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis, an active duty US Army officer who has had four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan starting in 2005. His latest was a tour in Afghanistan 2010 – 2011. He created 2 reports, one classified and one unclassified. I have read [Read More…]

Apr 092012
A Brilliant Political Cartoon

What government would ever do something against the wishes of the people? Oh, right… pretty much all governments! By Iranian graphic artist Mana Neyestani