May 302012

Recently it has been irrefutably determined that Carlos DeLuna was innocent of the murder he was accused of committing. He was put to death in Texas in 1989. When one considers the numerous exonerations that have occurred of people on death row, it would be foolish to imagine that this is an isolated incident. How [Read More…]

May 302012

Tom Morello and Bruce Springstein have performed this song together many times. I believe this to be the best. As some of you (the younger of you) may not know, Tom Joad was the main protagonist in the book: The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck and the movie of the same name. The last [Read More…]

May 182012

The phrase “corporate welfare” conjures a variety images. With our “Free Market” system, one might believe that corporate welfare wouldn’t be an issue. After all, a true free market economy should be based strictly on a sink or swim mentality. Supposedly, the market place will enrich the businesses that are strong enough to make it [Read More…]

May 122012

By Naomi Klein  Posted at Our World Report with the kind permission of The Nation. Cochabamba, Bolivia   It was 11 am and Evo Morales had turned a football stadium into a giant classroom, marshaling an array of props: paper plates, plastic cups, disposable raincoats, handcrafted gourds, wooden plates and multicolored ponchos. All came into [Read More…]

May 112012

Governor Walker of Wisconsin has said all along that his “Budget Adjustment Bill” was not about union busting. This video of him talking with Beloit, Wisconsin Billionaire, Diane Hendrix reveals what the real deal is. Ms Hendricks has been a major contributor to Walker’s campaign.

May 112012

Politically smart cartoons about politics and Occupy Wall Street by very astute and talented Mark Fiore. You can find him at I picked four that I felt were the strongest but I could just as easily picked others. His style felt familiar to me and I just realized that parts are reminiscent of Rocky [Read More…]

May 062012 Connecting the Dots: Philippines

As part of the Connect the Dots of climate change action, the Philippines was represented. The Philippines has experienced five incredibly damaging typhoons in the last year alone. During this 12 month period, weather has caused more than 2000 fatalities and $1.2 billion (php 51.6 billion) in damages.

May 032012
Rumsfeld: Incompetent Or Evil Mastermind?

On Tuesday May 1st, former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was interviewed on Fox “News.” In the interview he said that President Obama couldn’t be credited with making a difficult decision for authorizing the raid in Pakistan that resulted in the killing of Osama bin Laden. Why he would say that illegally violating a [Read More…]