Child Victims

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Jan 272013

President Obama made an eloquent and heartfelt speech at the prayer vigil for the people who were killed in Connecticut. The fact that the majority of victims were very young children seems to have broken peoples' hearts more than any of the other recent school shootings. I have to ask, does a 6 year old [Read More…]

Jan 232013
Shameful Treatment of Whistleblowers

Obama Has Used The Espionage Act More Than All Previous Presidents Combined President Obama has opposed waterboarding as torture since the 2008 campaign. The question should be asked, why is he sending the whistleblower who helped end that practice to prison? Former CIA officer John Kiriakou, who helped expose the Bush administration's torture program, recently plead [Read More…]

Jan 102013
Judge Rules On Abuse In Manning Case

I was probably being naive but I held out hope for something positive to happen in Bradley Manning’s legal proceedings. Not that the judge didn’t acknowledge that the military had made mistakes and acted against Navy Rules. She indicated that it “became excessive in relation to legitimate government interests.” However, Judge Lind ruled that 23 [Read More…]