May 062012

As part of the Connect the Dots of climate change action, the Philippines was represented. The Philippines has experienced five incredibly damaging typhoons in the last year alone. During this 12 month period, weather has caused more than 2000 fatalities and $1.2 billion (php 51.6 billion) in damages.

For example, Typhoon Sendong brought flooding and destruction in three provinces. Mindanao and neighboring Bohol and Negros Oriental, which only rarely experience vicious typhoons, had nearly 1300 fatalities. As is so often the case, the poor were disproportionately affected as they had their houses along rivers that over-flowed late at night. Entire houses were washed away in the torrent.

Typhoon Mina displaced over 108,000 people and caused more than $600 million (php 25.8 billion) in damages. (Click on the photo for a larger view)