The New Corporate Order

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For the sake of full disclosure you should know that saying I have a negative opinion of Kissinger is to understate my feelings about him. The truth is that I believe that he should have been sent to the Hague to answer charges for war crimes.

However, this post is not about that. It’s about his support of the creation of the “New World Order.” The fact that I find him reprehensible is reason enough for me to be doubly suspicious about anything that he throws his support behind.

The whole idea of a New World Order has been around for a long time. It seems nothing more than a bunch of rich guys who feel no attachment to any country, trying to maximize their wealth and consolidate power across this whole planet. This with the intent to take control of all the resources, irrespective of which country the oil, coal, water, minerals, etc., are found. What could be more convenient for them?

The members of such organizations as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group have for more than a century contemplated and taken actions to make this scary scenario a reality. Not wanting to be saddled with being considered a conspiracy nutjob, I will just say that the current worldwide move toward privatizing the assets of communities and countries, if not a semi-organized effort involving some of the people aligned with the New World Order crowd, is certainly in keeping with their principles.

Examples are numerous of multi-national corporations working to turn the interests of governments (and hence, its citizens) into for-profit ventures. The International Monetary Fund has a long history of making loans to countries in financial crisis (developing nations for the most part) and compelling them, as a condition of the loan to sell State owned assets. 

Recently, the IMF has been forcing Greece to sell off most of its assets to private interests in order to delay what some consider the inevitable default on its debts. In the US, the members of the free market religious sect are pushing for privatizing anything and everything. This includes but isn’t limited to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, prisons, utilities, schools, parks and even whole cities.

Republican governors in the US are doing their damnedest with such undemocratic legislation as Michigan’s new and improved “Financial Managers” law. Basically, if the governor declares that a municipality is financially unsound, he can appoint a single individual or a company to come in and take over.

This take-over gives the new manager unlimited power by total fiat to:

  • Unilaterally sell off any assets the town or city may have
  • Fire democratically elected officials, including entire city councils and mayors
  • Nullify any union contracts that the city may have entered
  • Take over or sell city services such as utilities
  • Cancel city charters or incorporations
  • Dissolve elected school boards

This is already happening in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Andy Kroll reported on this in an article in Mother Jones

Since 2005, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy has urged reforms to Michigan law giving more power and protection to emergency financial managers, state-appointed officials who parachute into ailing cities or school districts and employ drastic measures to fix budgets on the brink of collapse. In January, the free-market-loving center published four recommendations, including granting emergency managers the power to override elected officials (such as a mayor or school board member) and toss out union contracts. All four ended up in Snyder’s legislation.

No doubt you’ll recognize the names that Kroll went on to identify as the sources of the Mackinac Center’s funding:

The Mackinac Center does not disclose its donors. But a review of tax records shows that the group’s funders include the charitable foundations of the nation’s largest corporations and a host of wealthy conservative and libertarian benefactors. Between 2002 and 2009, the Mackinac Center’s donors included the Charles G. Koch Foundation ($69,151), founded by the chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, who, with his brother, David, is a major backer of conservative causes; the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation ($80,000), the charity tied to the son of the co-founder of Amway, the multibillion-dollar direct marketing company; the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation, established by the parents of Blackwater founder Erik Prince, who serves as the foundation’s vice president ($195,000); and the Walton Family Foundation ($100,000), established by Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton and his wife, Helen.

One of the precipitating factors in sending in an Emergency Manager is likely the dispute over a well loved gem of a Lake Michigan beach front park. Jean Klock Park was deeded to the people of Benton Harbor in 1917. There has been a development company vying for the right to build a country club golf course and luxury homes community (Harbor Shores) at the park. The folks of Benton Harbor and the City officials have consistently opposed the project. This is understandable because the median income in Benton Harbor is only slightly higher than an annual membership to the proposed exclusive club.

The recently appointed Emergency Manager, Joseph Harris has plans that don’t coincide with the local residents. As to the rights of the city officials to advocate for local citizens, Harris says they can only call meetings to order, adjourn them and approve the minutes of meetings. All other decision-making powers rest with Harris. 

“For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments; For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.” ~ The Declaration of Independence. 

As a side note, it has recently been uncovered that Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder has ties to the developer that has an interest in the project. There are some interesting blog posts addressing the whole issue of the actions of Governor Snyder and the Manager he chose to install in Benton Harbor. (UnionSmart, Alternet and Politics Report)

One of Harris’ first actions was to fire several members of the City Planning Commission and the Brownfield Development Commission and replace them with handpicked alternatives. 

In a round about way, this leads up to my sense of what sorts of things the über rich have in store for us should they get the power they seek. The Kissinger letter, which he wrote in January of 2009 is very telling. He states openly that he believes that this period of financial uncertainty presents a golden opportunity for like minded people to further their aims.

You can download his letter as a pdf file: Henry Kissinger letter, or read it here at Our World Report in its entirety by clicking this link: Henry Kissinger Letter.