Nov 032011

An intense video of what was the most brutal repression by any police force on peaceful protesters in the Occupy movement to date. It took place in Oakland, California on October 25th.

The man on the ground, Scott Olsen is a twice deployed veteran in Iraq. He

suffered a fractured skull. The 24 year old Olsen was taken to Highland Hospital. The doctors are reporting that he is in critical condition. His injuries are severe enough for his doctors to feel the need to medically induce a coma. As of early on the 27th, friends, relatives and fellow protesters are sitting vigil at the hospital to support Scott and to wait for any news. I think it is safe to say that thousands are anxiously hoping for a speedy and complete recovery.

Sort of a strange irony, making it home safe and sound from the Iraq war, only to be seriously injured by our own police for exercising his constitutionally protected rights. The police from many law enforcement agencies participated in the crackdown and admit to using teargas and bean bag gun loads but deny using rubber bullets. However, numerous protesters had injuries consistent with their use. It has been reported that a sonic cannon was at the scene but doesn’t appear to have been used. To use such a high level of violence to repress a peaceful assembly is vile and shameful. It speaks to the fact that the 1% are afraid and desperate to make their nightmare go away.

If you’d like to contribute to Scott Olsen’s medical bills here’s the link: Scott’s Medical Fund