Jul 242011

Tim DeChristopher is due to be sentenced on Tuesday, July 26th. The prosecution is recommending the harshest possible outcome and stating their strong objection to the lenient recommendation of the sentencing officer. Here’s a link to the complete prosecution document. 

The prosecution’s argument for their position is the same as if Tim had committed fraud for personal gain. If the prospects for Tim weren’t so serious, it would be laughable. Fraud for personal gain?

How could I have not noticed the US justice system’s enthusiasm about prosecuting crimes of fraud for personal gain. This zealotry is no doubt the motivation behind the numerous criminal charges filed within the financial and banking industry. Everyone should support the Department of Justice in their valiant efforts, after all, trillions were stolen and the world has yet to recover from the brink of financial collapse. Collapse may yet happen if the GOP has it way with the debt ceiling.

Average people’s pensions were reduced to pennies on the dollar. Millions of homeowners have lost their homes. Countries all over the world have debts they can’t afford to pay. The IMF is demanding that countries sell off the assets of their citizens and cut spending so much that the people are rising up in protest. Retirement ages are being raised. Benefits are being reduced or eliminated. The whole world has taken a giant step backwards to harder times. Someone is to blame… but it’s not Tim DeChristopher.

You’d think that with all the criminal fraud cases underway that they just couldn’t spare the time to worry about a small fry like Tim DeChristopher. In fact, you might even expect that without the intent to defraud for personal gain that they would simply cut him loose or at most give him a stern talking to and probation.

Just my tongue-in-cheek musings on the DoJ and their “efforts” to prosecute those responsible for the financial collapse and serious thoughts regarding what would constitute justice.