Sep 142013

Alleged War Criminal Henry KissingerWhat Advice Could Kissinger Offer  

It is difficult to trust the judgement or the veracity of what the Secretary of State John Kerry says. If it weren't bad enough that his talking points don't explain the real reasons he wants to drop missiles in Syria, the point is further made by the fact that he found it useful or proper to consult with the accused war criminal, Henry Kissinger. 

Based on his history, we can get a sense of what Kissinger's position is on Syria. At least we can discern what doesn't motivate him, which may be enough. He is not moved by a sense of compassion or a humanitarian interest in protecting the innocent people of Syria.

Among other telling things, Kissinger praised and congratulated Augusto Pinochet after he had tortured, murdered, and disappeared thousands of innocent Chileans. The victims having committed the crime of being supporters of Salvador Allende, the democratically elected president of Chile.

The repressive 17 years that followed included some noteworthy moments. Operation Condor, under the command of several South American dictators was working to kill various supporters of the deposed leaders of the previous administrations of their respective countries. Terror not only filled the streets of Chile and other S.A. countries, but made it's way to Washington, DC. In 1976, Allende's former ambassador to the U.S. and his U.S. citizen assistant were assassinated in a car bomb explosion, just blocks away from the White House. 

Henry Kissinger is not a nice fellow. He may believe himself to be acting in the best interests of the United States but I don't buy it. In a wikileaks release he famously states, "Before the Freedom of Information Act, I used to say at meetings, 'The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.' [laughter] But since the Freedom of Information Act, I'm afraid to say things like that." Additionally, as expressed in a letter he wrote in January, 2009, he is all about a "New World Order." 

For those of us who feel that Kissinger should be held accountable for his alleged crimes in South America as well as VietNam, Cambodia, and Laos can get some minor satisfaction. Kissinger has had to hurredly leave European countries on a few occasions for fear of arrest or at least to avoid being forced to testify. He has canceled plans to visit other countries, such as Brazil. Hundreds of people have showed up to protest his appearances shouting about his criminal activities. 

Which brings us back to Secretary of State Kerry meeting with Kissinger. Is Kerry a "New World Order" kind of guy? He certainly has the necessary cred, Kissinger is, Bush1 is, lots of the top .1% are. Clearly, Kissinger is willing to take extreme measures (to reach the goal of the elites of the world sharing the resources and consigning the rest of us as the worker bees. The real question is what is Kerry willing to do and who is he willing to sacrifice to do it?

As Amy Goodman wrote on this subject, "John Kerry would better serve the cause of peace by consulting with those like Garces who have spent their lives pursuing peace." However, this does presuppose that his interest is in peace.