Sep 252011

These are not the official demands of the Occupy movement. As a group, OWS has yet to issue any, or reach a consensus if demands would be appropriate. However, I came across a site called Coup Media Group and more specifically a page entitled Revolutionary Human Media. The text says it was posted by Anonymous, which I have no reason to doubt. I like that it has a consensus building framework with the opportunity to vote on or even add issues for consideration. These proposals are still being voted on for inclusion in a final list of demands and could change.

My interpretation is not simply that a point has support but specifically, support its inclusion in any future Occupy Wall Street demands. I have left out points that get less than 66% (the stated cut-off for inclusion) or with fewer than 100 votes. I found it interesting that specific ideas were nearly universally supported, meaning more than 90% approval.

You can see all the demands and vote at: Proposed Demands. In its present form the draft of demands are:

  1. Overturn the idea that corporations are people and that money = speech (96% support)
  2. Nationalize Health care (88% support)
  3. Repeal the Patriot Act & return our civil liberties (95% support)
  4. Acquire the Federal Reserve by Congress to control the money supply, complying with the Constitution. (85% support)
  5. Restructure Campaign Finance with specific limits on contributions (98% support)
  6. Forgive student loans. (82% support)
  7. Make education freely available K – college (85% support)
  8. End the War on Drugs (88% support)
  9. Abolish capital punishment  (82% support)
  10. Bring All the troops home. (89% support)
  11. Reinstate the Glass-Stegall Act (95% support)