Sep 152012

It’s not possible that a sane and compassionate person could deny a victim of rape an abortion. Any person who would, is neither sane or compassionate. I won’t dignify the notion as some have suggested of a magical protective force which keeps women from getting pregnant from rape, except to say that each year approximately 30,000 women do get pregnant from being raped.

All women would not universally feel the same about what to do. I imagine that most would want to get as far away from the experience as possible. However, that’s all I can do… imagine. This is precisely why each individual should be allowed to make the choice whether to carry to term or not. To decide what is best for herself in dealing with the emotional trauma. To recover. The fact is, apparently about 30% of impregnated rape victims choose to have the child.

Today, I discovered another factor that makes the right to choose an abortion even more significant, if that’s possible. What would it be like for a woman to be required to have regular, even daily contact with her rapist? Could she ever get through the horrific experience of being raped? Apparently, that is not such an incredible a notion. According to the Honorable Judge Alan M. Mallott, in 31 states, even a convicted rapist can petition for joint custody, visitation, and if granted would then need to be consulted on matters of health, educational issues and in order for an adoption to be finalized. Surprisingly, it does happen.

Even in the 19 states that have statutes denying the rapist parental rights, there aren’t laws regarding the grandparents seeking visitation. Judge Mallott used the word surreal to describe this. I agree.

In light of this, right-wing extremists who would deny a woman’s right to choose in cases of rape or incest are not only insane and lacking compassion but truly evil. This position alone should disqualify them from holding any office that could facilitate their sick and hurtful views from becoming law.