Tim DeChristopher, Where’s the Justice?

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Tim DeChristopher was sentenced on Tuesday, July 26th. The only good thing that can be said is the judge didn’t take the prosecution’s recommendations seriously which would have meant 10 years in prison and $750,000 in fines. Never-the-less, the judge wouldn’t allow testimony that would have shown the land auctions to be illegal. He also disallowed the jury from hearing that Tim’s supporters had raised the capital to actually pay the bids made. For these reasons and lacking the motivation of personal greed, the 2 year sentence and $10,000 fine were 2 years too long and $10,000 too much.

The whole trial seems so flawed. As the inaugural posting to Questions, the questions I’d like to pose:

It seems likely that had the jury been told that the auctions were illegally developed that the outcome would have been different. Why did the judge rule that the illegality of the auction couldn’t be presented?

Why did the federal prosecutors pursue this case in light of the fact that fraud committed on a much grander scale, doing incalculable harm motivated by personal gain and greed remain unchallenged?