Manifesto On The Future Of Seeds

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This post is the entire Manifesto on Seeds. It's much more interesting than it might sound. It filled in big gaps in my understanding of food biodiversity, genetically modified seeds, industrial agriculture as well as why we should care. I got this as a pdf at Dr. Vendana Shiva's site: Navdanya International. Dr. Shiva is a physicist and environmental activist. She is also very cool. You can read the full text here or download the entire pdf file here: Seed Manifesto.



The Manifesto of the Future of Food laid out practical steps and far-reaching concepts toward ensuring that food and agriculture become more socially and ecologically sustainable and strengthen the movement toward a more equitable and caring world.

Translated into different languages, it has been widely disseminated to individuals and organizations, as well as at various conferences and gatherings including the WTO ministerial in Cancun, Mexico in 2003 and adopted by different communities throughout the world. The principals contained in the Manifesto on the Future of Food led to the imperative of addressing seeds and related issues as a matter of emergency. Thus the International Commission on the Future of Food has prepared the present Manifesto on the Future of Seed, with the support and active participation of the government of the region of Tuscany and through the Global Stakeholder Consultation at Terra Madre in Turin. We hope this manifesto serves to strengthen and accelerate the movement toward sustainable agriculture, food sovereignty, biodiversity, and agriculture diversity, help defend the rights of farmers to save, share, use and improve seeds, and enhance our collective capacity to adapt to the hazards and uncertainties of environmental and economic change. We urge people and communities to use it as appropriate to their needs and as a tool to unify and strengthen the call to counter the threat to seed and biodiversity imposed by industrial agriculture and multi-national corporate interests.

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