Manifesto On The Future Of Seeds (Appendix)

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A joint initiative of Claudio Martini, President of the Region of Tuscany, Italy Vandana Shiva, Executive Director, Research Foundation for Technology, Science and Ecology / Navdanya, India Commission composition Vandana Shiva, Chair Miguel Altieri, Professor, Department of Environmental Science Policy and Management, University of California, Berkeley Aleksander Baranoff, President, All, National Association of Genetic Safety, Moscow Deby Barker, Director and Chair of the Agricultural Committee of the International Forum on Globalization (Ifg) Wendell Berry, Conservationist, farmer, author and poet Marcello Buiatti, Consultant on Gmo issues to Tuscany, Professor, University of Florence Peter Einarsson, Swedish Ecological Farmers Association, Ifoam EU Group Elena Gagliasso, Scientific Coordinator for the ʻLegambienteʼ, Professor, University of Rome Bernard Geier, Organic agriculture and food activist Edward Goldsmith, Author, Founder and Editor of ʻThe Ecologistʼ Benny Haerlin, Foundation of Future Farming, Former International Coordinator of Gmo campaign for Greenpeace Colin Hines, Author of Localisation: A Global Manifesto Fellow, International Forum on Globalization (Ifg) Vicki Hird, Senior Campaigner on Food and Farming, Friends of the Earth Andrew Kimbrell, President, International Center for Technology Assessment Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, Institute of Health Science, City University, London Frances Moore Lappe, Author, Founder, Small Planet Institute Alberto Pipo Lernoud, Vice President Ifoam Caroline Lucas, Member of the European Parliament, Green Party UK Jerry Mander, President of the Board of the International Forum on Globalization Samuel K. Muhunyu, Coordinator Network for Ecofarming for Africa (Necofa) Helena Norberg-Hodge, International Society for Ecology and Culture Carlo Petrini, Founder and President Slow Food, Italy Assétou Founé Samake, Biologist, Geneticist, Professor, Faculty of Sciences, University of Mali Sandra Sumane, Sociologist at the University of Latvia Percy Schmeiser, Canadian farmer and Gmo activist Aminata Dramane Traoré, Coordinator of the ʻForum pour un Autre Maliʼ, former Minister of Culture and Tourism of Mali, Author Alice Waters, Founder Chez Panisse Associates Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy Food First Arche-Noah, Austria Coordinator Caroline Lockhart, Commission Coordinator, arsIa/Region of Tuscany Arsia Secretariat, Regional Government of Tuscany, Italy via Pietrapiana, 30 – 50121 Firenze tel. 055 27551 – fax 055 2755216/231 email:,

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Produced by The International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture 2006 In 2003, the International Commission On The Future of Food published and disseminated The Manifesto of the Future of Food: (www.ARSIA.TOSCANA.IT/CIBO/INDEX.HTM and www.FUTUREFOOD.ORG).


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