Sep 042013

Military jet armed with missilesSyria: The Most Logical Answer is Usually Right

I have said and continue to say that the party that has the least to gain as well as the most to lose by using poison gas is Assad's Syria. Not that he would likely have any moral reservations about doing so, but very practical reasons not to. With Syria's well equipped military, Assad has the momentum. The only thing that could shift that momentum is intervention by outside forces. The clearly stated position of the US (the dreaded redline) makes using chemical weapons a huge risk. Doing so when the UN weapon inspectors are in Syria and only 10 miles away to boot, makes it at best moronic, at worst, suicidal.

We should ask ourselves what could he possibly hope to gain. There is no reasonable answer to this question. Assad would be exposing himself to retaliation and worldwide scorn, and no doubt he understands this. Here is a video of Acronym TV (part of The Young Turks network) detailing some of the facts. Furthermore, President Obama clearly says himself that the problems in Syria won't be solved militarily but only with a negotiated diplomatic solution. In addition, there is a well documented post by Dennis Trainor Jr. at FireDogLake.