Jul 232013
FREE Bradley Manning (Text of NY Times Ad)

WE ARE BRADLEY MANNING We stand with WikiLeaks whistle-blower US Army PFC Bradley Manning We are American military veterans, artists, journalists, educators, homemakers, lawyers, and citizens.  We live in red states and in blue states, in communities urban and rural.  We ask you to consider the facts, and join us in declaring:  Enough is enough.  [Read More…]

Feb 012012
Winning Hearts & Minds?

We have all heard the euphemism “collateral damage.” To spin the carnage in this way makes the reality of dead women and children more abstract and hence more palatable to the American public. It becomes easier to avoid the fact that in the two acknowledged mideast wars, many more civilians are dead than enemy combatants. [Read More…]

Dec 232011

In a DemocracyNow! interview with Daniel Ellsberg (whistleblower of the Pentagon Papers), of Bradley Manning he said, "He’s been effectively punished now, ten-and-a-half months in Quantico in isolation, a kind of torture, according to the U.N. standards and to our own domestic law, that he couldn’t be sentenced to under our amendment to the Bill [Read More…]

Dec 152011
Bradley Manning Update

Bradley Manning has been in custody since May 2010. The first ten of those months in solitary confinement, often naked. Most people, having watched only Hollywood’s depiction of torture might not realize the significance of this treatment. The reality is that lack of human interaction, combined with harsh surroundings, uncertainty of how long it could [Read More…]