Mar 302012
America In A Nutshell

This is my response to an email I received, purported to be a letter from a black American and member of the Tea Party. It expounded all the Tea Party rhetoric about Obama trying to destroy America by taking away our freedom via the Affordable Healthcare Act. My email was quite a rant and I [Read More…]

Nov 012011
Herman Cain, Really?

The Herman Cain campaign is a sham. Keith Olbermann when speaking about it, always calls it a pretend campaign. Rachel Maddow recently said that she thought the whole thing was performance art and not a serious attempt to gain the Presidency. She pointed out several incidents that seems to support her theory. The 9-9-9 tax [Read More…]

Jul 292011
The Koch Brothers Exposed

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is a lone voice standing up for the truth. The fake debt ceiling debate is designed to make it possible for the politicians to cover their asses. My prediction: They will pass something totally awful for the average American and claim that they had no choice. “It was either some terrible [Read More…]