May 182012

The phrase “corporate welfare” conjures a variety images. With our “Free Market” system, one might believe that corporate welfare wouldn’t be an issue. After all, a true free market economy should be based strictly on a sink or swim mentality. Supposedly, the market place will enrich the businesses that are strong enough to make it [Read More…]

May 122012

By Naomi Klein  Posted at Our World Report with the kind permission of The Nation. Cochabamba, Bolivia   It was 11 am and Evo Morales had turned a football stadium into a giant classroom, marshaling an array of props: paper plates, plastic cups, disposable raincoats, handcrafted gourds, wooden plates and multicolored ponchos. All came into [Read More…]

A Call To Action

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Nov 132011
A Call To Action

During the Viet Nam war there were basically 3 things that pretty much all left leaning progressives and ultimately a broader swath of the population could agree on as key issues. They were: ending the war, civil rights, and to stop the use of nuclear (mostly) as weapons & (secondarily) as a source of power. [Read More…]