Sep 042013
Syria: Deception That Pushes Us To War

Syria: The Most Logical Answer is Usually Right I have said and continue to say that the party that has the least to gain as well as the most to lose by using poison gas is Assad's Syria. Not that he would likely have any moral reservations about doing so, but very practical reasons not to. With Syria's [Read More…]

What A Choice

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Nov 042012

I voted my conscience in 2008 and am greatly disappointed. I know about the good Obama’s done & the obstructionist congress. But that doesn’t excuse the surveillance state Obama has created, signing the PATRIOT Act without change as well as the NDAA, (which codified the demise of habeus corpus), and most of all the immoral [Read More…]

Dec 302011

Our two party system does not allow much of a choice. Corporatists all. How could it be otherwise, the money required to out compete a status quo candidate is an insurmountable obstacle (the last I read, 94% of winning candidates spent the most). It is predicted that each presidential candidate will spend around $1 billion [Read More…]

Nov 302011

Dear Mr. President: I applaud the rousing speech promoting many of the themes of the OWS movement. Sorry to say, I remain unconvinced of your sincerity. A couple of old sayings come to mind. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. The other is simply: actions speak louder than words. [Read More…]

The Jobs Act

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Sep 092011
The Jobs Act

I have become increasingly skeptical of the US political process and President Obama. That being said, my take on his recent jobs speech and the American Jobs Act is one of highly guarded slight optimism. I question including cuts to fund it but recognize that to propose anything else diminishes it from its already small [Read More…]

Jul 252011
Who Is Obama Fighting For?

After listening to a talk by Glenn Greenwald and reading a post at FiredogLake, thoughts that have been floating around in my consciousness for a while sort of gelled.  A light bulb lit and I had a moment of clarity. As many of us have believed, President Obama isn’t weak on specific issues or caving [Read More…]