The Jobs Act

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Sep 092011

I have become increasingly skeptical of the US political process and President Obama. That being said, my take on his recent jobs speech and the American Jobs Act is one of highly guarded slight optimism. I question including cuts to fund it but recognize that to propose anything else diminishes it from its already small chance to that of a snowball in hell. 

Many in the GOP have stated that their only goal is for Obama to be a one term president, nothing more or nothing less. This mentality

will certainly stand in the way of the success of anything he proposes. And God forbid, that the economy and unemployment improves between now and the 2012 election. That would be a nightmare for the Republicans.

With all of Obama’s Wall Street connections, I can’t help but question his motives. However, assuming it passes, his motives do not impact on anything the Plan might accomplish. The right thing resulting from the wrong reasons, is still the right thing. On the other hand, it could be a simple political ploy. If the Congress blocks it, he would be able to say, “see, if the GOP didn’t stop this, we’d be so much better off.” Cynical, huh?  You decide: here’s a video of the complete speech: