Credo Action

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Credo Action is the politically progressive subsidiary of the mobile telephone company Credo Mobile. It is a fairly unusual organization in that Credo Mobile uses a small portion of their profit to fund progressive organizations and online petition campaigns. They do not require being their customer to participate in the causes they support. They have contributed more than $65 million to various non-profits like Doctors Without Borders and Planned Parenthood. Credo Action has a couple unusual wrinkles. It offers its customers the chance to vote on what organizations to contribute to and they have a program which allows individuals to start their own petitions campaign.

A few of their current official campaigns include petitions to end Federal funding of the Bachman’s Clinic to “cure” people of being gay and a campaign to get the DOJ to prosecute Massey Energy for their negligence in the coal mining disaster that resulted in the deaths of 29 miners.