Showdown In America

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 This if from Showdown in America About page:

We are everyday people – retirees, farmers, workers, homeowners, renters, students, clergy, and small business owners from across the United States. We are coming together across America because there is so much at stake and no time to waste.

It is clear that our financial system is a mess and the American people are paying the price for it. Whether it be shrinking pensions, rising foreclosures, cresting unemployment, state budget cuts, payday lending, outrageous overdraft fees or sky-high credit card interest rates – it is clear that the lack of regulation and unchecked greed of the Big Banks is hurting us all.

America can do better. Now is the time for the Big Banks to stop draining wealth from our communities and start investing in them. Now is the time for Congress to stand with the people and enact financial reform to hold banks accountable and strengthen the American economy.