How To Take Action

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In conjunction with identifying and getting the word out about problems we face we want to be part of the solution. Under this tab and on the links page, we provide links to social and political groups, online petitions by such groups as Demand Progress, Act Blue, Credo Action, various human rights groups as well as environmental organizations. You will find specific ideas of which government officials to call to voice your opinion about current issues. Please check the calendar for listings of marches, protests and direct action campaigns.

If given a choice, I don’t think the politicians have ever or for that matter will ever effect dramatic positive change in the big social and political issues. Presidents have said, if you want change: make me. The people (you and me) need to push them if we can ever hope to have global social justice. Without justice, lasting peace is not possible. Our World Report believes that anything short of violence, including civil disobedience that you can do to help force progressive change is everyone’s duty. It’s the price of having a democratic society.

Attend protest marches, support and join the Occupy movement, write letters and emails to your representatives, make phone calls, write letters to the editors of local and national papers, and sign petitions. You can find an Occupy near where you live by visiting Occupy Together. Make your voice heard!